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Long Weekend in Belgium

We had a nice long weekend in Belgium. We flew to Brussels Thursday night, arriving Friday morning. We took the train to the central station, then got weekend subway passes and found our hotel near the Saint Catherine Cathedral. We … Continue reading

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[] Review – Straight and Level: Practical Airline Economics

[This is a cross-post from] “The industry’s strategies, business models, and institutional structure all change over time as do the environments within which it operates, but its fundamental, underlying economics are more enduring.” – Stephen Holloway Summary Written as … Continue reading

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[] Taking Off: Benign Blogging

I have an airline business blog over at that I’ll be cross-posting here. I’m going to try to automate it, but for now I’ll just do it manually. I’m back, at least in reserved, cautious, and mild-mannered form. I … Continue reading

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Shiller on “devising” economies…

“You have to understand people first before you can understand how to devise an economic system for them.” – Robert Shiller Yale economist Robert Shiller offers some inadvertent insight into the mind of an economist as he discusses his book … Continue reading

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Coincidental Book Recommendations

In an interesting bit of coincidence, two of the most recent books I’ve read have each pointed me towards adding the same book to my reading list: “The first systematic book on leadership: the Kyropaidaia of Xenophon–himself no mean leader … Continue reading

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Snow Day

Almost two feet of snow and it is still falling here in Chicago. Work closed down the offices today, so I get a snow day.

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