3 Days = 4 Hikes

That is Washington state math for you and we are loving it. I think it might be Chris’s favorite equation so far. We spent a long weekend by Lake Ozette, WA located on the Olympic Peninsula.

We stayed at a charming cabin. It was one step closer to actual camping with the little guy.

Electricity = Yes   Running water = No

Our first hike was on Saturday with the 9 mile Ozette Trail. It was a 3 mile hike to the beach, 3 miles along the beach and you guessed it 3 miles back. To get to and from the beach we hiked along a boardwalk path. Don’t misunderstand this was not a a flat walk but many stairs up and down and up again.

The pay off was seeing petroglyphs left by the Makah Indians. It was well worth all those stairs.

The next day we went as far west as one can in the contiguous United States – Cape Flattery.

After the Cape trail we were in the mood for some more hiking so we were off to ShiShi Beach. It was a great trail until the end with a 150 foot drop to the beach. It was worth every steep step down to the ocean. We will definitely be back to do some seaside camping here. Such a lovely spot and a lovely time with the guys.

On our way home we stopped to stretch our legs on the Lake Crescent Trail. The trail skirted Lake Crescent which made for some surprisingly beautiful views. We were sad to leave but happy to get back home to Gretl.

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One Response to 3 Days = 4 Hikes

  1. Cindy says:

    It looks like you all had a great time! The cabin looks cute and cozy!