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Reminescing the Great Experiment

The 4th of July brings to me a different set of thoughts and emotions than it did just a few short years ago. During that time, I’ve read and thought quite a bit about the ideas that helped establish the … Continue reading

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Shiller on “devising” economies…

“You have to understand people first before you can understand how to devise an economic system for them.” – Robert Shiller Yale economist Robert Shiller offers some inadvertent insight into the mind of an economist as he discusses his book … Continue reading

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U.S. still #1 in manufacturing

Given the rhetoric, I doubt many people in the U.S. realize that we are still, by far, the world’s largest manufacturer. From the sounds of politicians and talking heads, I suspect a great many people think that China produces more. … Continue reading

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Library additions and my love-hate relationship with Half Price Books

We live in the city of Chicago because, despite all of the drawbacks, we prefer it over the suburbs.  In fact, we rather dislike the suburbs.  We like cities.  We like small towns.  We like the country.  But suburbs just … Continue reading

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