The Wiener Dog Rating System

What is “Wienerating”? It is our unique, scientific, patent pending, Wiener Dog Rating System that measures quality against a number of wiener dogs. Ok, we don’t really have a patent pending, and there is really nothing scientific about it. But, hey, if you don’t like it, go make your own website.

I feel I also have to point out that we DO have the spelling correct. “Wiener” comes from the Austrian city of Vienna, which in German (Austria doesn’t have its own language yet), is spelled “Wien”, and pronounced “Veen”.

Rating Description
Poor – A bad product with little or no value. Now, usually, one wiener dog is enough to put anyone in a good mood, but in the context of Wienerating, that isn’t the case.
Average – Not really bad, but not particularly good, either.
A Perfect Wienerating!! Everyone knows that 4 wiener dogs is as good as it gets.

* Wieneratings are given in half wiener dog ( ) increments.
* No wiener dogs were harmed in the creation of the half-wiener dog rating.
* I only explained the low, middle, and high Wieneratings and am counting on you to figure out the ones in between. If you are finding that confusing or difficult, I suggest you look here. You’ll be glad you did.

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